189 Skilled Independent Visa

189 Skilled Independent Visa

189 Skilled Independent Visa

189 Skilled Independent Visa Check Your Points

Lodging Your EOI

  • Lodge an Expression of Interest through Skill Select.
  • Get Invited by the Department of Immigration Australia

Sponsorship/ Nomination Requirement

  • Not Required

Lodging Your File

  • Lodge Your application within 60 days of EOI approval. So be prepared with all your documents while your EOI is in waiting state.

Visa Requirements

Requirements Check List

1) You must meet the aggregate 60 points Criteria to apply for Skilled Independent Migration.

2) You must have an age between 18 to 49
3) You must have your occupation in Skill Occupation List(SOL).
4) You must have your occupation and education assessment approval document from one of the concerned Assessment Bodies.
5) You must have good command over English Language (Competent English or Higher)
6) You should be physically fit and must have a medical certificate from any of the approved medical checkup agencies
7) You must have certificate for good moral character generally it is fulfilled by the Police Clearance Certificate


Location to Apply (Australia or Overseas)

You can apply this visa while you are currently working or studying in Australia or currently working Out of Australia with your occupation in Skilled Occupation List (provided you must fulfill the eligibility crteria as mentioned above ). If you want to file your case from Australia you must have a substantive Visa. You will be provided with a  bridging Visa allowing you to stay in Australia while processing your application.

Who Else Can be Included for immigration under this Visa

1) Spouse, Same Sex Partners or Defacto Partners
2) Dependent Children (Age Below 18)
3) Other dependent Family Members(Conditional)

Visa Duration: For how long I can stay in Australia using this VISA.

This Visa is a Permanent Resident Visa. You can live in Australia for 5 years from the date you entered the Australia first time after getting this Visa. You can take Australian Citizenship during this period or renew your PR after 5 years or can take Resident Return Visas (Subclasses 155 and 157)

Can I apply for Citizenship after this Visa

  1. 1. Yes ofcourse, you can apply for citizenship aftet his Visa.
  2. 2. For filing citizenship application you must have lived in Australia for 4 year immediate before lodging your application.
  3. 3. During these 4 years you must have stayed in Australia for minimum of 3 years.
  4. 4. During the Last year of this 4 Year tenure you should not have left the Australia for more than 90 days.


Living Location Constraints (If Any): Can I move to any Place in Australia or Should I have to live in a specific Area.

Under this Visa you can move and work in any part of the Australia. No regional living conditions are there.

Entry Time Limit after Visa Approval

You and all other members have to enter Australia first time within the time mentioned in the Visa documents. Generally this period is prior to the expiration of your Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Health Report Valid period.

Work Areas After Visa Approval: Is it Mandatory to work in my Skill Occupation Area or Can I opt any occupation after this Visa.

It is not mandatory that you work on your own skill area so in simple words "You can do any work". You are free to opt any profession. Your work is not going to effect your P.R. Status.

Skill Occupation Eligibility: How Can I Check whether my skill lies in this Visa Sub Class or not?
I am not able to find the appropriate ANZSCO code for my work profile ?

For 189 Skill Independent Visa filing, Your Occupation must be available in Skill Occupation List(SOL) and must be in demand. You need to findout the ANZSCO Code corresponding to your work profile and job duties.

You can check it in SOL list provided by Australian Immigration bodies.

Use our Occupation Eligibilty Finder tool to get the ANZSCO Code that best suits to your Job Profile instantly. You will also get a reference list of job duties those are required in your service certificate accoridng to your job designation.

How Can A2ZImmi Help You

  1. 1. Feasibility Report Generation & Preassessment about your Immigration Possibilities.
  2. 2. Analysing your Skills & Occupation to find the best suitable Occupation from SOL to attain maximum points.
  3. 3. Assistance in Visa Sub Class Selection.
  4. 4. Guidance & Training for achieving the required language score.
  5. 5. Visa Documentation Preparation.
  6. 6. Getting Your Skill Assessed from the concerned Assessment bodies
  7. 7. Lodging EOI and Filing Immigration Case on Your Behalf.
  8. 8. Getting Results in hard deadlines with gauranted minimum stress and worry

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